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Patient's Review

I have worked with Dr. Rob for many years at IndyCar tracks and at his office and most recently had stem cell injections done with his Salutem Regenerative Medicine team. The doctors and nurses were great and very knowledgeable. With the help of these guys, I look forward to many more years of high level training and competing with the best on the race track. I highly trust and would recommend this group to anyone

Tony Kanaan
Indy 500 Winner, IndyCar Champion, and Ironman Triathlete

“The results thus far have been amazing (as experienced in walking, sitting and getting up from a seat and consistently waking up with a non-shrunken left leg to name a few). That scar tissue in my leg creases that you identified are melting away too…..and your optimism about my hip came to mind today as he maneuvered it in circles and manipulations of all kinds. I was told I had no option other than joint replacement and now I don’t feel like I will ever need it.”
Susan R.

“Months ago, I couldn’t walk the length of a football field on my knee without having several days of residual pain and inflammation. 5 weeks after my injection, I walked over 5 miles at a street festival and am feeling no ill effects. Thank you for giving me my mobility back.”
Roger B

“My football career left me with a horrible quality of life that I never thought would change. Then I was introduced to Surgenex®…Now my shoulder and knees feel 100% better!!”
William L

“I’ve had bilateral knee pain for years. I was being treated with cortisone injections every 7 months for past 3 years. They’ve become less and less effective at relieving my symptoms. I decided to try something different and went with the SurForce® injectable from Surgenex®. Its been 3 weeks and my pain levels are down from a 7/10 to 1/10, and is getting better each day! At this point I am very happy I chose to do the SurForce® injection rather than opting for surgery! So far, I am very happy I made this decision.”
Brent L.

“My pain level from a 1 to a 10 was always a 10! It didn’t matter what pills I took or what I did to try to find relief with homeopathy or acupuncture. The pain was unbearable, but not now…every morning I wake up and literally say, “thank you, SURGENEX!”
Belinda L.

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